Since inception in 2017 Business Owners Charter, Inc. Total Returns After Advisor Fees

Posted March 14, 2023 By Jeff Liautaud

Summary: Not sold to the retail public, Business Owners Charter, Inc. (BOC) provides this report only for Financial Professionals for informational purposes.


Whether you are an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO), Registered Investment Advisor CEO, Franchise Owner, a provider of a separately managed account (SMA), or other type of Financial Professional, our limited distribution proprietary BOC Portfolio can drive your aggressive with less risk returns. We are taking requests by type. All inquiries begin by signing our confidentiality agreement, and emailing it to Then you may call Dan at 708-825-7301.


BOC does not sell to the retail public. This content is provided by BOC for informational purposes only. Investing involves the risk of loss and investors should be prepared to bear potential losses. Past performance may not be indicative of future results and may have been impacted by events and economic conditions that will not prevail in the future. In spite of best efforts, losses may occur.  In some cases the List Strategy may offer insufficient ETFs to provide greater diversification than the underlying securities of any particular ETF. Proprietary market risk analysis identifies changing markets, but the Director has full discretion to select funds for the portfolio. BOC Market Exit Strategy may be documented by a special report.